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Tropical Birdland – A great place to visit

Tropical Birdland – A great place to visit

Tropical Birdland is a hidden gem! One must visit it if you like birds. It is a place loved by kids and adults of all age groups. It is a good and productive way to keep the children busy and happy for couple of hours. It is a nice place to spend 2-3 hours. One can also go for a family picnic to Tropical Birdland. It offers a relaxed atmosphere which helps one to detox from the busy and urbanized lifestyle.

As the name suggests, the park has a good variety of birds. The park is house to the largest parrot yacinth Macaw’. The other species available are Sun Conures, Blue Macaw, Rosella, Amazon, Scarlet and many other birds. Here the birds are kept in beautiful surroundings and huge spaces covered with net, which are enough for them to fly around and also prevent escape. A few of them are tamed. Once you are inside their habitat, you can buy food/ nuts, worms and feed them. The birds land on you, sit on your shoulder, arms, hands and eat food from your palms. There are 1-2 birds which also says ello’, thus adding to the overall experience. Both kids and adults enjoy feeding the birds. It is amazing to see that how well behaved and friendly the birds are. Here one learns many facts about different species of birds. In some areas, the birds move freely and come & go as they like. They sit on branches or interact with the visitors as per their wish. Being able to hold and feed the bird yourself makes this place special and memorable. In the end of the park, one gets to see exotic friendly birds.

The setting /layout of the Birdland is lovely and walk ways in the Birdland offers amazing experience. The park is well looked after and all the birds are in good shape. One can never get bored as the park holds different kind of experiences in different areas.

The staff is friendly and is available to answer all the queries. They are knowledgeable and informative. One can see a good bond between the staff and the birds.  The Birdland also houses some goats, which he team at Fresher Carpets Leicester have befriended.

There is a child play and picnic area inside the Birdland where the children can play. One can sit and relax in the play area while the children play there. The picnic area has plenty of benches. The birds roam freely in the children play area and sit on visitors freely.

Tropical Birdland also offers birthday party packages. There is a small café, which offers hot and cold drinks and small snacks. It has good selection of food at a reasonable price. The place has huge parking. One can take wheelchairs too in the Birdland.

The Birdland has a small gift shop to take away mementoes which are reasonable prized.

This place is definitely worth a visit whether you have children or not. The complete experience is joyful, informative and memorable.

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