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Tropical Birdland – A great place to visit

Tropical Birdland – A great place to visit
Tropical Birdland is a hidden gem! One must visit it if you like birds. It is a place loved by kids and adults of all age groups. It is a good and productive way to keep the children busy and happy for couple of hours. It is a nice place to spend 2-3 hours. One can also go for a family picnic to Tropical Birdland. It offers a relaxed atmosphere which helps one to detox from the busy and urbanized lifestyle.

As the name suggests, the park has a good variety of birds. The park is house to the largest parrot yacinth Macaw’. The other species available are Sun Conures, Blue Macaw, Rosella, Amazon, Scarlet and many other birds. Here the birds are kept in beautiful surroundings and huge spaces covered with net, which are enough for them to fly around and also prevent escape. A few of them are tamed. Once you are inside their habitat, you can buy food/ nuts, worms and feed them. The birds land on you, sit on your shoulder, arms, hands and eat food …